Easiest way to publish webpages online.

Completely free way to create and publish webpages without any restrictions.

What is it?

Page00 helps users to quickly create and publish a webpage online. User signs in, selects a template, fills his/her content and the page is ready. It is free.

Blogging platform or a website builder?

It is none of them, there are much better tools which one can use for blogging or for building a website. Page00 is just a simple user-first approach to publish individual webpages.

Code your control

With Page00, you have full control of your webpage. No restrictions at all. It is pretty easy to tweak some html, javascript or to code a complete webpage from scratch. It can also come handy to test/debug your client code.

Use case examples

Right now we have templates to help user create responsive pages for a project, article, profile, photos and similar use cases. We are busy building many more. So start using it. :)